Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sensoring the environment

Here are some latest developments in using wireless sensor networks to monitor the environment:

University of Alberta researchers are building a wireless sensor network that allows for clandestine data collection of environmental data in remote locations, with monitoring from anywhere in the world. The sensors can continuously monitor data like temperature and luminosity...

...Having the data continuously monitored by researchers substantially increases the chances of uncovering anomalies early enough to investigate them promptly and thoroughly.

The overall framework of WSN can also be extended for use in other closely related scenarios such as monitoring potentially dangerous situations like hazardous waste disposal, or hard-to-witness phenomena such as ice cap movements in the Arctic. The opportunities these sensors will provide to scientists are paramount in a global environment that is changing at an ever-increasing pace.Once the display-house prototype is tested and customized, at least two sites are to be fully deployed in the fall, one likely in the Brazilian rainforest, and the other in a forest in Panama.

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