Monday, June 09, 2008

Buses as mobile sensing platforms?

Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends reports on how - according to European researchers, - modern buses could be used as mobile sensing platforms, sending out live information to be used to control traffic and detect road hazards:

The 3.83 million euro EU-funded MORYNE project was completed in March 2008 with a test in Berlin, Germany. During this test, the researchers 'equipped city buses with environmental sensors and cameras, allowing the vehicles to become transmitters of measurements, warnings and live or recorded videos to anyone allowed to access the data.'

MORYNE architecture

You can see above the MORYNE architecture. (Credit: MORYNE Project) By the way, the acronym was picked from the official name of the project, "EnhanceMent of public transpORt efficiencY through the use of mobile seNsor nEtworks." I wonder how many people were necessary to settle on this acronym.

Here is a link to the MORYNE Project website and here were its objectives.

  • The development of an approach for new safety- and efficiency-oriented transport management and traffic management
  • The development and validation of technologies for appropriate sensing, information processing, communication, interfaces
  • The development of an in-laboratory demonstrator
  • The validation of the proposed concepts through field testing
  • The analysis of potential impacts (social, economic, environmental)

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