Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Power of Play on the Internet

BBCNews has a recent post on how game design and social networks are merging into one of the most persuasive forces on the net:

Perhaps the greatest effect of that interplay can be seen in the rise and rise of the social gamer. Recent figures by research firm Park Associates estimates that 34% of US adult internet users play online games weekly. For example, check out start up called Mytopia, a social gaming community where everyone can play together. It offers everything from chess to Sudoku and hearts to poker which you can play directly from their site or via Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and Bebo...

..."Social networks offer a revolutionary way for people to play with friends and communities that have meaningful value to them in their real life," said Guy Ben-Artzi, who confesses he used to be a gamer who would do anything to win.

"The moment you make the gaming more personal and meaningful, the better the experience for the user," he added

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