Saturday, September 29, 2007

'Wiki City' Creates Real-Time Maps

A recent post entitled ''Wiki City' Creates Real-Time Maps' described that 'While drivers are accustomed to using traffic reports to assess road conditions, pedestrians who navigate cities are typically left without aid to determine the best route'.

Now researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are using wikis and the Semantic Web to examine the way people map and navigate their cities:

The Wiki City project, run by MIT's SENSEable City Laboratory, aims to apply wiki technology to the map-making process. The project's ultimate product will permit anyone to upload content to a map and utilize Semantic Web principles to cross search multiple layers of information.

Wiki City Rome, an early incarnation of the project's user-generated maps, used GPS (Global Positioning System) and cell-phone data to produce a real-time map during an all-night festival held in the city on Sept. 8.

Via Roland’s Sunday Smart Trends


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