Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Costs of Social Networking

An important point about social networks has just been made by Anthony Townsend in his brief, yet valid, rant 'I Keep Updating, So I Have Less Time to Actually Do Anything'. Anthony makes us realise that digital social networking can often impede too far upon our physical networks and available time resources. Being more mobile often means we are further stretched - is this the convenience we crave?

Ok, the social web is officially ridiculous.

What I'm referring to is the amount of crap I have to update everytime I want to do anything. It's gotten so bad today, as I prepare to leave for 10 days in Budapest, I'm almost afraid of missing my flight.

What's there to do?

Twitter something witty
Update my FaceBook status
Add the trip to Dopplr
Set iChat and Skype status
Blog about it in various places

And finally, check in for my flight. 7 blessed hours offline.

When are the social web integration apps coming? Please, when? I'll invest.

Thanks Anthony.....


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