Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Paper payment expected to go mobile

The Guardian reports on a move in London to bring closer the prospect of using the mobile phone to pay for low-cost goods; in this case, swiping the phone to buy a newspaper on the move:

When Britain's first newspaper swipe card launches today it will be available only to a handful of London commuters. But the inventors of the cashless payment system say the pieces are in place for similar schemes across the country and that before long we could all be buying newspapers by merely tapping our mobile phones on special readers.

The Evening Standard's Eros loyalty card will be distributed at Waterloo station today before being extended across the capital next month. The card, which is similar to London Transport's Oyster card, can be topped up with credit online and used at special readers to buy the paper...

..."The first time you'll see this is sooner than you think," says Mr Tymm. "Within a year we'll see the very first signs and within three years Visa cards, Oyster and so on could all be on phones."

Read in full - 'Paper payment expected to go mobile within three years'

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