Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Watching The Watchmen Watching Us

Jamais Cascio has another decent talk in reference to his 'participatory panopticon' in Watching The Watchmen Watching Us:

'This November, comedian Michael Richards learned about the participatory panopticon. So did the UCLA police. And early in the month, Virginia Senator George Allen learned that it can have a political bite.

The participatory panopticon is the emerging scenario of distributed observation of the world around us, using cheap, networked tools like mobile phones and open, web-based tools like YouTube. A rapidly-growing number of us have literally at our fingertips systems of capturing and sharing what we see. Most of what we capture will be of interest only to ourselves, or to close friends and relatives; some, however, will have a far greater reach that we might suspect.'

This is well worth a read to see about how on-the-ground sousveillance can impact social relations.

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