Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Biometric trials have begun

BBCNews reports in Heathrow begins biometric trials how some passengers at Heathrow airport are being invited to sign up for a trial of what is being called the 'most advanced passenger screening equipment in the world':

'Travellers will be able to bypass long queues if they have their fingerprints biometrically scanned, while face and eye scans will be introduced soon. Those trying the miSense system have the scans at the same time as their passport is scanned at check-in. It is designed to make travelling easier, while maintaining security.

Some Cathay Pacific and Emirates flights will invite passengers to join the trial when they check in. Passengers' details are linked to their passport, so they can be fast-tracked past queues through security and boarding controls.'

As you would expect, this is being touted as helping customers fast-track themselves onto the plane: well, someone should tell these eager fast-trackers is that although they gave all their biometric info to the database, the plane still won't be taking off without the others!....

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