Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Guardian moves to the web

The Guardian newspaper has announced - 'The web trail' - that it will publish its stories first to the web, effectively ending the primacy of the printed newspaper:

'The Mail is moving internet staff into its newsroom, the Telegraph is stepping up its digital operation - possibly with some internal confusion about its ultimate destination - and every man and woman at News International is scurrying to satisfy Rupert Murdoch's new interest in the medium.

But for a newspaper to say that the website comes first is a big, big step. Ever since the second coming of the internet - the first coming ended around 2001, to the delight of all those newspaper executives who didn't like the look of it - there has been a given in newspaper offices: we will take the internet seriously, but we must not let it get in the way of our primary business, which is publishing a paper each night.'

Will this signal further Net-moves for other newspapers? Each newspaper nowadays employs the use of bloggers - will this signal increased importance for bloggers?

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