Friday, June 16, 2006

Future of the GeoWeb

Mike Liebhold, Senior Researcher at Institute For The Future, gave a talk on the geospatially-enabled web at O'Reilly's Where 2.0 conference recently. He discussed what things still need to be done to realize the vision of a geographically-enabled web:

"Liebhold's presentation included a dramatic slide that showed a person holding up a Treo like he was taking a photo of a street corner. The Treo's display showed tags overlaid on top of the real world image. The tags could be linked to things like restaurant reviews, train schedules, and distances to landmarks."

A similar lecture that Mike Liebhold gave on this topic is available in audio and video form at the Networked Publics research group site. He also set up a feed for geospatial-related articles, images and other nuggets of truth.

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