Monday, June 26, 2006

Everyware - ubiquitous computing

Adam Greenfield - author of 'Everyware - The dawning age of ubiquitous computing' gave a talk at the Institute For The Future. Here are somenotes:

"AG's notion of ubicomp draws on Weiser's vision of computing being "invisible but everywhere around us" (weiser 1990), built upon very cheap computing "spread around like grass seeds", and "embedded, wireless, imperceptible, multiple, and post-gui" (AG, 2006).

This would generate new kinds of modalities of interaction, particularly design "dissolving into behavior."

It would also allow for the instantiation of computing and interaction with it at a wide variety of physical scales, at the level of the body (Body Media SenseWear), the object, the room (Sensasell), the building, the street (Shinjuku RFID lamppost).

But they're also networked together, which allows for some really interesting interactions; and hard to see, literally and figuratively (because you can't detect or sense embedded computing). So what does this look like?"

Read the rest of the post at IFTF's Future Now blog

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