Saturday, April 08, 2006

London as an Eco-City?

I'll be away again for another 8/9 days - mobile yet oddly out of touch on the blogging front. SO before I leave, here is a post from a site I'm very keen on - Worldchanging:

"Ecological footprints offer a great tool for quantifying and understanding the ecological impacts we have as individuals and communities -- which is why we've talked about them so often. London's City Limits is a couple years old now, but it bears mentioning now because the project helped define the cutting edge of footprinting research. The team, led by the group Best Foot Forward, came as close to comprehensively describing the entire ecological footprint of a major city as anyone, anywhere in the world. Essentially, their work shows how much planet it takes to keep London thrumming along. Much of their research is available online as PDFs

One of their key findings? If Londoners are to live globally equitable and sustainable lifestyles, they will have to figure out ways of reducing their fossil fuels and materials consumption by 35% by 2020, and 80% by 2050. In other words, a bright green London will be one in which people live at least as well as they do now, but using 1/5th as many resources."

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Be back soon! And Happy Easter to all...

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