Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The arrival of geosensor networks

Yes - I've been away for a little while: mobile yet not connecting with the blog: perhaps a little too mobile?

So I'm back for a short while before absconding myself away again: this post brings me back to geosensor networks, picked up from Roland Piquepaille at ZDNet.

Here Pipuepaille looks at the latest in geosensor networks:

"In a very interesting article, Location Intelligence describes how the capture of geospatial information traditionally done by using cameras, laser scanners and GPS sensors, is being revolutionized by recent advances in advances in nanotechnology. In fact, "nanotechnology has made it both feasible and economically viable to develop and deploy low-cost, low-power semi-autonomous sensor devices that are general-purpose computing platforms." These geosensors are leading to wireless networks which start to be used for real applications such as monitoring traffic patterns or tracking cars in cities."

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