Friday, April 07, 2006

Census to use mobile devices for survey

According to USA Today:

"To compile data for its 2010 survey, the Census Bureau is putting down pen and paper and picking up handheld computers.
The portable devices are being designed to allow census workers to immediately record information they gather when going door-to-door to American households, said Monty Wood, a spokesman for the Census Bureau.

The bureau will still send out a questionnaire and ask people to mail it back, but Wood said only about 65% of people actually do that. To get a sense of households who do not respond, the bureau sends workers to conduct in-person interviews.

Those workers used to write down answers on paper, which were then entered into a computer. Now, the information will be recorded on a computer and transmitted directly, increasing accuracy.

The technology will aim to reduce the risk that people are accidentally counted twice."

I'm sure Europe is coming next on the tech-census: more tracking through flags of convenience.

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