Thursday, October 20, 2005


Again, RFID finds an innovative niche; interesting this -

TRN Research News
reports "researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a hands-free and eyes-free system that allows people to find information about objects without having to actively scan them, use a keypad, or use a speech interface in noisy or socially awkward settings. The system, dubbed ReachMedia, consists of a bracelet that reads radio frequency identification tags to detect objects the user is holding, an accelerometer to detect hand gestures and a cell phone that connects to the Internet, plays sounds when objects and gestures are recognized, and provides audio information about the object in hand. A person could, for example, pick up a book to search for reviews of the book online. She would hear a sound from her phone indicating information was available about the book, and would use gestures -- a downward flick and right and left rotation -- to select or go to the previous or next menu item of available information".

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