Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nearly 700 square miles of Wi-Fi: it's increasing use in the public sector

Govtech.net says the largest Wi-Fi/WiMAX network up and running in the U.S isn't found in a major city,but "the distinction goes to a number of small towns and cities in Umatilla and Morrow Counties in eastern Oregon as well as part of Benton County in the State of Washington, which all have access to a Wi-Fi/WiMAX cloud that extends across nearly 700 square miles.These aren't the sort of places where one would naturally expect to find cutting-edge broadband Internet access. In fact, Morrow County doesn't have a single traffic light.!!!

Yet for the last year now, police, fire and emergency medical personnel in Hermiston, Boardman, Lexington, Heppner and other cities in the area have been using the Wi-Fi network to communicate complex information between offices and the field."

Is this leading to more mobile connections between public services? Is this a good move, and will this project be taken up in European countries? Has it already been taken up to some extent? Comments?

Read more at govtech.net

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