Monday, September 05, 2005

Dutch hooligans rounded up by text

Some of the Netherlands' most wanted football hooligans handed themselves in to police after being sent text messages telling them their mobile telephones had been logged as active at a riot in Rotterdam after a match between Feyenoord and Ajax in April.

Rotterdam police asked mobile phone operators to hand over the numbers of all handsets active near the stadium at the time of the violence. The resulting list amounted to 17,000 numbers. The police sent them a terse message, informing users that they were known to have been in the vicinity of the riots, giving them the address of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond police website, and asking for their assistance. The website has been used since shortly after the riot to display images of some 200 suspected hooligans, or spectators who actively egged on the violence.

Police had already identified and charged 143 people, but had been unable to identify a last batch of alleged offenders. Within hours of the text being sent out, 12 people came forward to say they were pictured on the website.

Full Article from the Telegraph

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