Friday, April 28, 2006

Virtually mobile in Second Life

More news on whats happening in our virtual land over at Second Life. In an interesting article from Social Synergy blog titled 'Second Life As 3D Design Platform and Reality/Virtuality Tagging':

'Clickable Culture has a fascinating article about using Second Life and the World Wide Web as a 3D design platform. In this case the designer is creating a "historically based game-like environment". However, these tools could possibly be used to recreate communities and whole cities, to demonstrate the redesign of public places, for instance. Or , even to give a community, college students, or a design team a sort of "3D wiki" of their community to work with? There are lots of possibilities and potentials here. Perhaps all of the potentials are not currently possible in Second Life as it exists right now. many of them do not seem too far off or out of reach, though.'

Second Life is being used more and more as a platform for both architecture and urban growth patterns. After all, it is a simulation: however, 'the map is not the territory' as General Semantics tells us...

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