Friday, April 21, 2006

Mobilities, Technologies, Topologies

Here's news on an upcoming mobilty conference to be held at the BT Centre (next to the Open University) Milton Keynes:

Mobilities, Technologies, Topologies

One-day Workshop, Wednesday 7th June 2006, The Open University

To be held at the BT Centre, Milton Keynes (Next to the Open University Campus)

The issue of mobility - of people, places, capital and things has become an important issue across the social sciences in recent years and questions of spatiality have been central to these debates. This one-day workshop, organised by the Department of Geography at The Open University, aims to bring together some of the leading writers on this field and to explore in an informal way how the issue of mobility intersects with our understanding of space and place. The aim of the workshop will be to consider the theme of mobility in relation to such issues as:

* spatial complexity
* non-representational approaches to geography
* materiality, technology and agency
* identity, subjectivity and objectivity
* movement and landscape

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

John Urry (Lancaster University)
Ginette Verstraete (University of Amsterdam)

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