Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Motorists could be banned from leaving Britain

Following on from the previous post about the plan to introduce the E-Borders travel security scheme, the Telegraph has a follow-up article about how an "Explanatory Memorandum" in the E-Borders program could be used for stopping millions of motorists with unpaid parking fines from leaving the country:

Ministers are examining whether to use powers to track the travel plans of everyone leaving the country under a system known as e-Borders to deal with the problem of unpaid fines...

...It says that e-Borders could help recoup millions of pounds of unpaid fines, and make it easier to enforce the confiscation of criminals' assets following a court order.

"Whilst not a key e-Borders priority, e-Borders could also contribute to compliance on fine enforcement, if provisions were issued prohibiting travel overseas whilst fines remained unpaid and confiscation orders undischarged."

It's becoming clearer that once this scheme has been established, its range of operations can be extended to cover most mobility agendas.

Read original article - 'Motorists could be banned from leaving Britain'


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