Monday, April 07, 2008

Latest - Europe clears mobiles on aircraft

BBCNews has the latest on the decision to allow mobile phone calls on planes flying in European airspace under new European Commission rules:

The decision means that mobiles could be used once a plane has reached an altitude of 3,000m or more. It follows six months of consultation by the European regulator and the first services could launch next month. Viviane Reding, the EU telecoms commissioner, has warned operators to keep the cost of calls made on planes at a reasonable level.

"If consumers receive shock phone bills, the service will not take-off.

"I also call on airlines and operators to create the right conditions on board aircraft to ensure that those who want to use in-flight communication services do not disturb other passengers," she said.

The European Commission has introduced new rules to harmonise the technical requirements for the safe in-flight use of mobile phones.

Read in full - 'Europe clears mobiles on aircraft'

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