Monday, April 21, 2008

Belfast to get rapid transit network

BBCNews reports on how Belfast will become home to a new bus-based rapid transit network:

Belfast cannot justify the cost of a light rail system, like the Luas in Dublin, to ease traffic congestion, commuters are being told. Instead, a report by the Department for Regional Development, said a high class bus-based network could cut commuting times while costing significantly less.

Regional Development Minister Conor Murphy said a new bus network for Belfast was affordable and realistic. Northern Ireland taxpayers now look set to invest more than £100m...

...Three pilot routes are suggested, running from Dundonald in the east to the city centre, to one serving the development in Titanic Quarter and onwards to Queen's University and the City Hospital and thirdly one into the west from the city centre to the Royal Victoria Hospital and beyond into west Belfast.

Officials are stressing that the three routes represent a start. Further lines could be added in the future.

Read article - 'City to get rapid transit network'

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