Friday, April 20, 2007

Future of the Car

Popular Science has this visual post on the Future of the Car that explores the following:

* Visions 2027
A sedan that snaps together like Legos. A truck that stretches like spandex. Here's what PopSci predicts tomorrows hottest vehicles will look like

* Taking It to the Street
Robots, start your engines. In the Darpa Urban Challenge, cars zip down city blocks, cut through traffic, and dodge wrecks, all without a driver.

* Drive Fast, Save the World
The Tesla Roadster is faster than a Lamborghini, yet it runs on rechargeable battery packs. Meet the man who built it from scratch.

* Green-Fuel Guide
Ethanol, hydrogen, biodiesel: In 20 years, what will you be pumping into your tank?

* Is America Ready to Get Smart?
It was a classic American road trip, in a decidedly un-American ride. Forget Graceland—the golf-cart-size Smart Car was a curiosity all on its own

Definitely another must read - full post here

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