Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Eurostar promises carbon-free travel

So the much-maligned rail link the Eurostar, which speeds between London, Paris and Brussels, is announcing itself to become the world's first "carbon neutral" train operator:

The company announced yesterday that when the new Channel Tunnel Rail link is completed this November and Eurostar moves to its new terminus at St Pancras passengers will be able to travel without worrying about their carbon footprint. Where Eurostar cannot eliminate its own carbon emissions, it will buy carbon offsets, but only as a last resort and at no additional cost to passengers.

Eurostar also said it was joining companies such as Marks & Spencer by unveiling plans to cut its carbon dioxide emissions. In Eurostar's case, the target is a 25 per cent reduction by 2012. This will be achieved by installing energy meters on trains that encourage drivers to drive more economically, fitting controls to reduce energy consumption from lighting, heating and air conditioning, sourcing more electricity from "green" energy companies and making better use of existing train capacity.

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