Friday, October 13, 2006

Mobilities, Networks, Geographies

A new book to be of interest to those following mobilities: 'Mobilities, Networks, Geographies' by Jonas Larsen, John Urry and Kay Axhausen, Ashgate 2006.

This is a substantially revised version of the report 'Social Networks and Future Mobilities' commissioned by the UK Department of Transport submitted in early 2006. The book puts forward one of the first social science studies of the geographies of social networks and related mobilities of travel, communications and face-to-face meetings. It examines five interdependent mobilities that form and reform these geographies of networks and travel in the contemporary world.

Chapters include: Researching Networks and Travel: An introduction; Social Networks; Meetings and Networks; Mobilities; Research Design; Geographies of Networks and Mobilities; Travel and Meetings; Coordinating Networks and Travel; and Research and Policy Futures.

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