Friday, October 13, 2006

Air passengers 'could be tagged'

I wrote in an earlier post about the developments going into airport RFID tagging via boarding cards. It seems that this 'vision' is becoming further realised - even to the point of getting picked up by the national media!

BBC News reports in 'Air passengers 'could be tagged'':

'Electronically tagging passengers at airports could help the fight against terrorism, scientists have said. The prototype technology is to be tested at an airport in Hungary, and could, if successful, become a reality "in two years". The work is being carried out at a new research centre, based at University College London, set up to find technological solutions to crime...

"The basic idea is that airports could be fitted with a network of combined panoramic cameras and RFID (radio frequency ID) tag readers, which would monitor the movements of people around the various terminal buildings."

The plan, he said, would be for each passenger to be issued with a tag at check-in.
He said: "In our system, the location can be detected to an accuracy of 1m, and video and tag data could be merged to give a powerful surveillance capability." '

Mobility will no longer be a given...

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