Saturday, August 12, 2006

Personal Mobilities book

A new book titled 'Personal Mobilities' by Aharon Kellerman could be of interest to mobility researchers. The publication blurb says:

'Living in a contemporary developed society means having access to a myriad of ways to communicate. One can either use public or private transport to meet others and talk face to face, or use a variety of communication networks, like mobile or fixed telephones or the internet, to travel virtually.

Personal Mobilities provides a systematic study of personal movement focusing on the dimensions of space, individuals, societies and technologies. Kellerman examines a variety of personal mobilites, including air transportation, through several perspectives, examining the human need for movement, their anchoring within wider societal trends, commonalities and differences among mobility technologies and international differences.

Although spatial mobility seems geographical by its very nature, the topic has been so far treated only partially, and mainly by sociologists. Personal Mobilities highlights geographical as well as sociological aspects and is the first book to focus solely on personal mobilities.'

Kellerman, Aharon, Personal Mobilities. London and New York: Routledge, August 2006. ISBN 0-415-39159-8 (hbk). 212pp+xii. Networked Cities Series.

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