Thursday, February 09, 2006

Connecting activism

Paul John Lamb reports on a meeting of the Innovation Funder's Network and suggests ways in which social activists and the organizations that support them can connect activism with appropriate technology - a few ideas here (edited):

"1. Bleed together: Organize intensive training sessions that bring together community-based activists and social leaders (with little or no tech experience) with technology/innovation activists and bleeding edge techies. Part of the training would introduce the social sector folks to the latest technology tools and potential applications, and another part would further sensitize the techies to community and social issues.

2. Support the small 'technivist' in a big way: Create a think and do tank that brings together teams of talented social entrepreneurs with policy experts and funders to address major social and economic issues.

3. Establish an annual 'gadgets for good' exhibition. How about an alternative to the Consumer Electronics Show and the MacWorld expo - a Social Electronics Show that features gadgetry and tech stuff that actually matters?"

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