Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cosmobilities - latest

* First cosmobilities book at Ashgate: Tracing Mobilities

In early January Weert Canzler, Vincent Kaufmann and Sven Kesselring signed a contract with Ashgate Publishers for a book with the title "Tracing mobilities. The cosmopolitan perspective in mobility research". This book will be published at Ashgate, Transport and Society series. It is based on the first cosmobilities workshop in Munich in 2004 and contains contributions from Ulrich Beck, Wolfgang Bonß, Weert Canzler, Beate Collet, Michael Flamm,Vincent Kaufmann, Sven Kesselring, Ruth Limmer, Norbert Schneider, John Urry, and Gerlinde Vogl.
Deadline for the complete book is November 2006, it will be published in early 2007.

* Ph.D. course on critical mobility research in Roskilde, Denmark

In May 2-5 in 2006 there is an open Ph.D. course on "critical mobilities" given by the FLUX group at Roskilde University, Denmark. The course team consists of Lise Drews-Nielsen (Roskilde, FLUX), Tim Richardson (Sheffield), Ole B. Jensen (Aalborg), Sven Kesselring (Munich) and Anne Jensen (FLUX, Roskilde).
Ph.D. students from everywhere are welcomed to apply for participation. Please, download a flyer with more details - here

For details, check the cosmobilities website or contact directly Anne Jensen from Roskilde University:

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