Thursday, January 26, 2006

Add Mobile to the "M" in MTV

The "M" in MTV now also stands for mobile according to this report at CNET. Apparently the network is splitting itself into two divisions.

"One of the new divisions will be focused on short-form video, music and news programming that will be shown both on TV and across their growing number of other platforms, such as the broadband Web and mobile phones. The other division will focus on creating longer shows for television."

The other will just be coming out with the same old regular TV stuff.

"The change is sign that MTV has recognized their audience's relationship with the TV is changing rapidly."

In their press release, MTV entertainment President Brian Graden speaks of creating a "21st Century matrix" of "highly intertwined universes" that will let them "extend (their) world class content-development machine across all screens."

Via Mopocket

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