Saturday, July 23, 2005

RFID’s Infant Protection thwarts kidnapping

An interesting RFID story here: I increasingly feel that RFID technologies are a rapidly increasing area that begs for more analysis and study from a sociological/mobility perspective:

"In Charlotte, N.C., an abduction of a baby from Presbyterian Hospital was thwarted thanks to an RFID infant protection system, reports Wireless Week.

Last week, the Hugs system sounded the alarm when an infant was removed from the hospital's seventh-floor nursery. Nurses and staff responded to the "Code Pink" alert, and security officials recovered the infant unharmed and returned him to the maternity ward.

VeriChip Corporation, a subsidiary of Applied Digital, a provider of security and identification technology, supplies the "Hugs" Infant Protection. Each infant wears a Hugs tag on his or her wrist or ankle that contains a tiny radio transmitter. Hospital exit points are electronically monitored to detect unauthorized removal of an infant."

Via Smartmobs

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