Monday, July 25, 2005


While the Thai government continues to push the country towards an information-based economy and society, over in South Korea they're already looking at the next stage, plotting plans for so-called ubiquitous communications, or "u-Korea," where people can communicate and access information anywhere and anytime.

For ubiquitous communications, the government introduced what it refers to as its IT839 strategy, which covers eight services, three types of infrastructure and nine products...

..."Wibro is for city usage. It is designed for using Internet on the move," Dr Chin said. The available speed is as high as 30Mbps and the connection can stay active while driving at less than 60 kilometres per hour...The other seven services included in the IT 839 strategy are digital multimedia broadcasting, which will be launched nationwide next year; home networking; telematics; W-CDMA; Internet telephony, nationwide digital mobile TV; and RFID services.

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