Monday, January 18, 2010

Technology predictions for 2010

Charles Arthur from The Guardian has revealed his annual list of tech predictions including the year ahead for Google, Microsoft, Apple, Internet and social sites... here's an example:


18) The Digital Britain bill will fall as the election (in May?) intervenes and kills off legislation in progress.
19) The freeing of Ordnance Survey map data (in April) will see rival companies vying to produce paper maps specialised for various niches such as ramblers and climbers, and an explosion in websites that mash all sorts of government content against maps.
20) If elected, the Tories will also back the freeing of Ordnance Survey data (rather than privatising it) and of other government data.

Being social

27) Facebook's growth will level off in the western world. There's only so many people you can encourage to poke and friend you.
28) Twitter will start making money – not just through searches (it charges Google and Bing), but also through charging companies for various sorts of access to its network and data.
29) AOL will sell Bebo and/or News Corporation will sell MySpace; in either or both cases, at a substantial loss.

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