Monday, September 01, 2008

Palm Scanning: Better Than Fingerprints

This post speculates that the future of biometrics could shift from fingerprinting to scanning palms.

The PalmSecure scans the veins in the user's palm, which are as distinctive as fingerprints. (Credit: Fujitsu)

At least, that's the message from Fujitsu Computer Products of America, which recently unveiled palm-scanning technology for the U.S. market that's already in widespread use in Asia. Hiroko Naito, Fujitsu's business development manager, said that the firm's PalmSecure technology uses near-infrared scanning to identify people by the pattern of veins in their palms, which are as distinctive as fingerprints.

"It's a contactless device — you just hold your hand over the sensor, so it's hygienic and easy to use," Naito said. "We have heard so many times from customers that the reason they were hesitant about biometrics is that it could be intrusive."

Scanning systems, offered by third parties using Fujitsu components and software, should retail for less than $1,000, she said.

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