Monday, June 04, 2007

Mobiscopes for Human Spaces

Here's a great article on Mobiscopes (?!) called Mobiscopes for Human Spaces that discusses sensor networks:

A mobiscope is a federation of distributed mobile sensors into a taskable sensing system that achieves high-density sampling coverage over a wide area through mobility. Mobiscopes affordably extend into regions that static sensors cannot, proving especially useful for applications that only occasionally require data from each location. They represent a new type of infrastructure—virtual in that a given node can participate in forming more than one mobiscope, but physically coupled to the environment through carriers, including people and vehicles. Mobiscope applications include public-health epidemiological studies of human exposure using mobile phones and real-time, fine-grained automobile traffic characterization using sensors on fleet vehicles.

You can also read the entire proposal as a PDF version.

Well worth a read if you're into sensors!

Via Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends

Also from Piquepaille's site, an interesting post on 'Digital privacy behind virtual walls'

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