Wednesday, January 10, 2007

RFID coming to scooters!

It seems that RFID is getting everywhere recently. Now it is reported that Italian scooters and baby nappies (diapers)could soon be embedded with RFID tags tracking their whereabouts. CNet News reports that

'IBM plans to announce Wednesday that it has won two new customers for its radio frequency identification tracking software--an Italian subsidiary of Honda Motor and packaging maker Pliant.

Honda Italia Industriale, which sold 12.7 million scooters last year, plans to use RFID chips and IBM software to track motorcycle parts and tools circulating within its manufacturing plant in Atessa, Italy.

Pliant, based in Schaumburg, Ill., will sell a new RFID-embedded plastic wrap to consumer-goods companies that want to detect any tampering of their products in transit from manufacturer to distributor. Pliant is using IBM's software to keep track of RFID-marked cargo--everything from cereal boxes to diapers--in the warehouse.'

At least babies riding scooters can be tracked down!

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