Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pursuit Management System

Mobile escapers?? Not for long, according to this article:

"The LAPD will use air-propelled miniature baseball size "tags" equipped with a global positioning system,"this ABC News article says."The officers fire the darts,which stick to a fleeing motorist's car, and within minutes can find and track the suspect's location."There is a social need for better managing of high-speed pursuits,"said Mandy McCall,chief operating officer at StarChase,the inventor of the vehicle tagging and tracking Pursuit Management System.Car chases,a staple on cable news channels,often end in deadly outcomes.Last year alone,there were more than 600 pursuits in Los Angeles and more than 100,000 nationwide".

Read more at Runaway Cars Tagged to Stop Chases

Via Smartmobs

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