Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Big Changes in Online News Consumption

Gather, the leading demand-driven media company, today released results of a survey conducted to understand how 'people are consuming news and engaging around breaking news stories. More than 1,450 individuals of various ages, backgrounds and political affiliations answered questions about how they get news, how they respond to breaking news stories, and where, and if, they share and discuss news online'. Further,

Nearly half (49%) of all adults consider the internet their primary source for news, there is a shift in what people are doing with that news - nearly 80% of adults ages 18+ are actively sharing news stories online. However, the manner in which people share news online varies greatly based on their age - while 68% of those aged 45 and older share news primarily via email, 54% of those under the age of 45 share news primarily via Facebook, and a full 90% of respondents 24 years and younger use Twitter and Facebook to share news (double the respondents 40+).

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