Friday, February 05, 2010

Food Mobilities Split?

Here's some news on the growing 'mobility of food' debate on how there is a schism between the increase in localized farmer's markets and local-sourced food; and the rigid dominance of corporate food giants:

As 2009 closes out, the dominant issues in the world of food could be lumped into two competing paradigms that have framed much of the decade. In one corner we have Big Food: factory farms, fast food restaurants, mystery meat, biotechnology and other examples of when the economics of scale are applied to how we feed ourselves. In the other corner is Small Food, whose players include farmers' markets, ecology-based agriculture and seasonal diets of minimally processed food. In a victory for small food, 2009 will perhaps be remembered as the year gardening returned to mainstream consciousness..

...In addition to kitchen gardens, another beneficiary of the recession is a 93-year-old great-grandmother named Clara Cannucciari, whose YouTube videos combine salty commentary about life in the Great Depression with hands-on demonstrations on how to crank out simple delicacies that average 50 cents a serving...

...It's impossible to discuss the year in food without an update on the activities of biotech giant Monsanto, whose year can be summed up in a single word: "chutzpah." In April, the company sued the sovereign nation of Germany when its agriculture minister banned the planting of a type of Monsanto corn engineered to thwart the advances of the corn-borer moth.

Read more at - 'Growing Local Takes Off, As Giant Agribiz Becomes More Dominant'


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