Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Health study links mobile phone use to four kinds of cancer

Wow..... that was a strange time-warp I just stepped through.... 1 day turned into 4 months...!

Anyway, here's the latest from a 10 year research investigation done by the Interphone project, funded by the World Health Organisation and mobile phone companies:

A major international health study has shown that excessive mobile phone use can be linked to four different kinds of cancer. The research, which has taken 10 years and cost £20million, found that heavy mobile users suffered up to 50 per cent more tumours.

Scientists now say there is a "significantly increased risk" of people developing three different kinds of brain tumour and one of the salivary gland. News of the findings, which are to be published within the next eight weeks, has led to calls for mobiles to carry health warnings...

Previous studies have been inconclusive, but Interphone draws together the most recent research from 13 countries and involved interviewing 12,800 people. Dr Elisabeth Cardis, head of the study, said: "I am globally in agreement with the idea of restricting the use by children, though I would not go as far as banning mobiles."

The Department of Health has not updated its guidance in four years, saying only children should be "discouraged" from too many calls.

Read original article - 'Health study links mobile phone use to four kinds of cancer'

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