Monday, November 03, 2008

Caterpillar plans 600 tonne lorry robots

In what appears a 'robotic move' too far the recent US military-funded driverless car contest technologies are finding their first real world applications:

To be precise, American droid chiefs plan soon to unleash titanic, 600-tonne automated trucks capable of squashing flimsy human vehicles like bugs.
The existing, human crewed Caterpillar 797B

The invincible godzilla-lorry plan is the brainchild of robotics boffins at Carnegie Mellon University, teamed with huge roaring machinery company Caterpillar. First-catch credit goes to the excellent Ares war-tech blog.

The intention is to add robo-driver mode to Caterpillar's most outrageously enormous trucks, such as the 600-tonnes-all-up 797B model.

Huge beasts...

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