Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Smart clothes to monitor health

BBC News discusess in 'Smart clothes to monitor health' how European scientists are developing clothing which they say will be able to monitor your health:

The "intelligent textiles" contain embedded sensors designed to monitor body fluids such as blood and sweat. The aim is to use the clothes to check on groups such as recovering hospital patients, people with chronic illnesses and injured athletes.

The Biotex programme, funded in part by the European Union, involves researchers from eight institutions.A prototype multi-sensor test patch is already near completion. The next step will be to try out the experimental fabric on volunteers. Project co-ordinator Jean Luprano, from the Swiss technology company CSEM, told The Engineer magazine: "Sensors have been built and have been tested in the lab.

"We have started their integration into textile patches. "We will soon have a multi-sensor patch which will allow us to sense several elements in parallel."

From the battlefield to the civil playing field...


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