Monday, May 21, 2007

Science Journal goes 'Second Life'

Another addition to Second Life! Now Nature, the well-known scientific publication, is becoming a multimedia platform that includes include blogs, podcasts and even a Second Life presence:

Nature's presence on Second Life: As shocking as the Queen moving to Las Vegas
Timo Twin wanders along a beach looking slightly confused, then zigzags up a nearby hill. "Finally! I knew it was here somewhere," he says. Across a vast square the logo of his company, Nature, is emblazoned in big white letters on a red background.

Twin has arrived in his new realm, on an island in the online role-playing game Second Life. The name of the island is fitting: Second Nature. The avatar bears only a vague resemblance to the real-life Timo, a tall man in his late 30s with a slightly round, Harry Potter-like face. His real name is Timo Hannay, and he is something like the representative of the scientific journal Nature in the virtual world.

Read the full story in Spiegel's 'For Science Journal, Web Is 'Second Nature''

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