Saturday, March 11, 2006

Participatory Media and Collective Action

Over at Smartmobs there is talk on the resources developed from the classes recently taught on "participatory media and collective action." - a wiki was made and now they're making the wiki public as a resource for others, and plan to add to it in the future:

"This is a collectively built resource space on two closely intertwined topics: Participatory Media and Collective Action. This project came out of the Seminar Class: Participatory Media of the School of Information Managment and Systems, University of California at Berkeley.

In addition to class readings and discussion on this wiki, the students of this class have collected a collection of readings and documents under different themes. The class also produced four projects. They are:

Class Projects:

1. Cyberactivism in China: Public opinion, censorship, and Technology
2. Political campaign: 2004 election USA - Dean campaign, bloggers v Dan Rather, bloggers v Swift Boat Vets
3. OhMyNews
4. Flashmobs and other forms of participatory-mediated, self-organized entertainment

Find the wiki here

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