Monday, November 07, 2005

Smart directions for green ideas

More car news...and this develops what was posted earlier about the Euro Galileo satellite - it seems the car industry going through a tech-transformation?!

"Electro-car public transport and a scheme to track the proper disposal of waste are two of smartest ideas for using satellite-navigation technology",the BBC reports."The applications have just triumphed in an international competition seeking novel ways to employ Galileo, Europe's soon-to-launch sat-nav system".The " transport application devised by the Vu Log company in Sophia Antipolis, France,envisages a fleet of "green" vehicles on city roads.Each electrically powered mini-car would be equipped with instant and highly precise positioning equipment.Commuters could use the internet or their mobile phone to find the nearest vehicle, jump in and start it with a smartcard,and then drive it to their destination".

From the BBC article 'Smart directions for green ideas'

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